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My parents used to have a 2003 S, which was brilliant. They have since replaced it with a 997 C4 and are currently considering a 991 Cabriolet.

Two years ago I was actually looking for a 944. I used to have an old 924, that broke down on me, but I've always been partial to that layout with a four cylinder engine at the front and rear wheel drive. When I was looking, I discovered that the cars I found were either mechanically sound, but in need of cosmetic repairs (interior and exterior), or it was the other way around.

My dad asked why I didn't look at a Boxster, so I did. There was one in particular that caught my eye. Not only because it was yellow, but also because it was extremely well kept and had only 62000 kms (~38500 miles) on the clock.

The moment I drove it, I discovered that this was the car I had been looking for.
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