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The 911 had a dual temp and pressure sensor for the 99 model year. Probably the only reason one would put a 996 dash in a SPB (it's legal) if you don't have data acquisition.

Generally it is best to have another set of sensors for your logger if you don't have CAN from the ECU. I know it ends up being more $$$, but the lack of gremlins from splitting signals/wires is worth it in the long run.

I use AIM, have an MXL in the Boxster and an MXL2 in the M3. The Boxster has it's own set of engine sensors for the MXL + Steering angle + Brake pressure. I use the BMW version of CAN for the M3 which while it offers quite a few channels it still doesn't have oil temp or pressure. Separate sensors required for those channels.
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