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Dear members,

I respectfully request that whoever is pissing in dbth's morning bowl of cheerios to please cease as it is causing severe agitation and foaming at the mouth. I also request dbth to look at the bottom of the post and verify that I did indeed make a post and not to read it. 97% of what I have to say is not technical in nature nor helpful in anyway. Just trying to keep it light...I guess I could argue about cops, and corvettes and why my engine light come on, but i thought a picture of a dude with a giant hubcab in his mouth is remotely funny. Bottom Line Up Front (learned that in my business class) DBTH, lighten up dude! Life is too short to be pissed live in NYC and drive a Porsche...what could possibly be getting your panties in a wad?

Submitted with extreme respect and humble intentions,


P.S. I will post a schematic of the electrical system or something to make up for my extreme lack of judgement. In the words of Oprah Winfrey "Are you going to eat that?"

Originally Posted by dbth
I could deal with some of this ,if this was remotely funny.
This qualifies as stupid ****************.
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