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An interesting question. I am not aware of a "magic" wheel cleaner that will make brake dust, road grime, and tar stream or fly right off a wheel. You wouldn't want it to fly off, in any event, because it would likely end up all over the sides of your car when you drive it.

I suppose that if I was unable to rinse off my wheels, what I would do would be to spray 2 parts Simple Green diluted with 1 part water on the wheels and wipe the filth off with a towel. Without rinsing, you wouldn't be able to get all the Simple Green off, but Simple Green is so innocuous that I do not believe it would harm the clear-coat on the wheels.

Being something of a Made in Germany snob, I usually use Sonax Wheel Cleaner Plus on my BBS Made in Germany wheels, but I have also used this 2:1 Simple Green dilution, and there is very little difference in cleaning power!
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