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Roof Refurb / Dye

Howdy guys, figure that the US would have more info on the topic.

My roof has some stains on it from previous owner, looks like it may have been put down and stored wet fro a while. Aside from that its in pretty good condition, some slight wear from the folding when down but the pic makes it look much worse than it is.

After I bought it I went with Autoglyms roof kit and spent hours cleaning it, it improved it a lot but still not 100%. I sealed it as this is Ireland but I'm considering doing a job on it over the winter and as I am going to be SWFL in a few weeks I thought I might have a better chance of getting some better products in the US. Rain just beads off it at the moment so the sealant is working well.

I'm thinking, clean it to remove sealer (steam cleaner??) so a suggestion for a suitable product would be great. Then I was going to dye it. Its Metropole Blue so would need that colour. I've read about some using "blue or Navy" dyes from a well known name but it turned the fabric black so looking for something really good or is it something I'd get from Porsche? After all that I'd re-seal it.

Any advice appreciated - Thanks in advance.

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