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Hello Everyone - Yes, please PM me directly if you'd like a quick response. I'm not here on the weekends so you may get a delay until the weekdays. To insure that photos will stay in your threads it is a good idea to use our image uploader. As Nine8Six described, you can press the "Go Advanced" button as a reply to a thread to see this:

From what I have found from using free sites like Imgur is that the photos no longer show after a certain amount of time. So, this may not be a permanent solution especially for those wanting images to last 'forever' for future enthusiasts to be able to use. Our image uploader should ensure photos stay active in threads as they should.

As far as older threads that no longer have images, we're enabling the editing of posts for one week from today, if you need more time after that please let us know and we can get you access.
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