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Originally Posted by Boxtaboy View Post
So what's a viable option then? I don't want to have to go onto a desktop computer to upload pic links. There must be an app that can do the same thing as PB without the $400/year charge, no?
Big question; big answers:

^ Keep in mind that most of those services does not strip at binary level when encoding/decoding, E.g. cheap engines. So expect them all to be slapped in the face just like PB - possibly, not sure about the real "internal" story, but can imagine.

Google has some pretty nice services. I have a few cloud instances running with one being dedicated just for 'my' data (packet level inspected and firewalled to the bones). Not much for picture sharing however, but quite useful to get data centralized (I have a lot of it and plan on adding during my next 'living 100 years). That is the best and permanent option that works for me. Can encrypt using your own scheme, can migrate and export those VMs, good enclosures and hardware, logical and physical security included. Few bucks/month??? you'd be silly not too.

All that to say... if you are half-tech savvy then DIY. Make/own your image dB mate and quit relying onto 3rd party. Forever lolll
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