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Originally Posted by Boxtaboy View Post
A little on a tangent, but I just signed up on both Flickr and Imgur (mobile app), but for the life of me stilll can't figure out how to post direct link images from the apps. Anyone have a clue? Thx.
For flickr you'd need to find the BB code option. Careful however the system is monitored for 3rd party access. Not entirely sure about the quota allowed, but they do send you an email asking you to upgrade to the pro account - if the abuse persist loll

Flickr is not for pics sharing, its a gallery. Imgur is. However more and more corporate are blocking the imgur domain and their subs so expect sites like pelican to do the same eventually - if imgur does not review their security op procedures anytime soon anyway. Can't see them surviving for too long given the internet tightening recently.

Good thing PB makes uploaders accountable for their data content now is all I have positive to say. Browser Highjack/scripts anyone?! Although pretty crap to see a few threads and posts being wiped out completely from this though - not sure what went wrong in their heads, and 400$?
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