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My center console VDO gauges

​Here is my oil pressure and temperature gauges in the dash DIN space.
Faceplate: Radio slot (DIN) or center console storage custom single-gauge aluminum panel from ebay seller 9xauto.
It came in satin black single gauge pane with a single 52mm hole and old-timer looking,lovely to me, two side strong protruded bar handles.
Premium robust quality and fit nice to the space without any modification.
I made extra 52mm and center 14mm holes for a 3-terminal toggle switch to be used for on-off gauge power and the cooling fan relay control left over later.
Consider that the aluminium faceplate is very thick about 8mm.

Gauges ; Cockpit series with the stud mounting style from The spinlock mount does not fit in that space of the Boxster.
-996 oil pressure sending unit M14 mm male thread with G and WK terminals; ref. Pelican 101 projects. replaced to the factory oil pressure switch sensor at the passenger side engine block.
WK to the factory oil pressure switch line connector, and G to new connector directed and crimped to the new real oil pressure gauge 10-180 ohm sensor terminal.
-VDO oil temperature sensor M14mm to replace an unused stock plug at the upper surface of engine block left side.

Details could be followed on responses.


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