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Originally Posted by thstone View Post
Dear Pelican Parts;

I would like to think that I speak for everyone and want to say that we all appreciate your continued support of our passion for the Porsche 986!
Originally Posted by Boxtaboy View Post
I have posted so many pics from Photobucket over the years, I don't even think I'd want to try to re upload them. A shame what PB is doing without even any warning.
+1 on them.

Got my Boxster in 2006 and shortly thereafter began searching up DIYs and, as I started doing some fixes myself, began posting some DIY threads of my own to fill in gaps that I saw in earlier posts, and to share my own experiences as a 'newbie' to Boxster DIY efforts. These included many dozens of photos loaded from photobucket. Unfortunately, I can't see me taking the time to go back and re-load the photos that are being lost due to PB's sleazy recent move..

Maybe when I retire??
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