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Joining the SPB field

Overcame the tropical depression that I seemed to be driving through on I35 last night to find this gem. I must have been in the center of the storm as the clouds lifted as I pulled up and held off long enough to complete the inspection, transaction, and loading. Then the back side of the storm pounded me all the way home!

I've lived in Texas nearly 30 years -- and last night I think it rained harder than I've ever seen -- at least driven through. Seriously temped my fate meter to just turn around and rethink all SPB decision.

Alas, I passed my SPB/weather gut check, soldiered on and she now is sitting safe and sound at my home in Austin.

Made a deal with the wife not to start campaigning until my daughter heads to college, but I hope to get some seat time at CoTA over the next year until then.

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