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Originally Posted by poopoopaul
Seeing as how the oil changes at the dealership run around $200 in Dallas/Ft. Worth, I'm going to attempt my own oil change. A couple questions.

I've read a few posts, and I'm not sure. The weather here is generally HOT, with an occasional below-freezing day in the winter. My last oil was M1 0w40 from the dealership. Should I stick with this one?

Oil filter. What parts to I need to buy? The actual filter, o-ring, AND the assembly?

Please advise.


yes, M1 0W40 is good for that wide range.

You will need:

1- 9 quarts of oil
2- A really big catch pan to catch the old 9 quarts of oil
3- OEM or Mahle replacement OF paper cartridge
4- O-ring
5- copper crush ring for drain plug
6- filter wrench. Pennzoil "code 5" - $4 at Strauss auto, fits 3/8" ratchet
7- Some way to get the car in the air, and reasonably level. I use rhino ramps and to heck with truly level.

Tip: pre-fill the OF cannister 1/3 of the way up the side with new oil before reinstalling.

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