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Well I'm going to try the picture printed on label stock. I looked at, all I found was catalyst or non-catalyst equipped stickers. I don't think having an official Porsche replacement label is that critical for me!

I hope you get your new vehicle data carrier from Porsche soon!

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Let me regale you with a story...

So in December 2015, a teen in an SUV backs into me at a stoplight. Hood is replaced, and a new vehicle data carrier (aka label) was ordered from Porsche (paid by insurance). The dealer contacted me late-March 2016 to verify ownership info.

As of today I still don't have it. The regional Porsche reps have been involved, the process has re-started a few times... would've been quicker getting one from by now. But hey, they're paying for a genuine item so I can wait for now.
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