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Originally Posted by rick3000 View Post
100% Agree, although I don't think a towel will wear clear coat..
A brand new right out of the bag microfiber towel?
Indeed it will not swirl the clear coat.

The problem is that those prickly hooks are extremely stubborn at releasing what they pick up once soiled. The reality is that 99% of auto store microfiber towels are nothing more than rebranded janitorial towels used to clean floors. That is insane overkill for a well maintained surface like an enthusiast car.
There are microfiber towels specifically made for expensive car paints, like the Griot's Garage high loft green towels. My experience is that a quality detailing towel is rarely sold for less than $4-5 per towel. If it comes in 40 pack for $20 at Costco or Wal-Mart don't use these more than once in the paint unless you run them at least 3 times in the wash on the hot setting with a very aggressive detergent.
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