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Clay bar, and a decent swirl remover will make any polish and wax like Turtle Wax from Wal-Mart look nearly identical to any overpriced boutique brand multi step product line.
The only caveat is the amount of carnauba in your wax. But even that is a stretch because a well maintained surface does not need all that much carnauba your basic retail wax will git er done. What you should be spending your money on is the highest quality towels that you can get your hands on to keep the swirls and clear coat wear to a minimum.

Everyone has their favorite brands and products for ease of use and durability myself included. But don't buy into the hype of expensive vs cheap retail. It takes an extremely well trained eye to tell a Turtle Wax car from a Zaino car (just as an example) if both have had the same prep. Believe me (hmmm who says that a lot?) I have tried them all, the "core" ingredients are nearly the same in all no matter the price. There are a few products that do have some proprietary ingredients but we're talking a handful in a sea of hundreds of products.
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