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Originally Posted by algiorda View Post
It's pretty interesting how almost each post recommends a different product. What do you think is the common ingredients which make one product stand out over another?

I see some folks swear by Carnuba and others not so much. I personally like the Maguire's products and agree on the quick detailer is one of my favorites.
Maguiar's Ultimate followed by Groits Speed Shine in the pic below. Might try Maguiars Quick Detailer after I run out of Speed Shine. Was a big carnuba fan before the full synthetic polymer / hydrophobics came out. Really like the fact that the syn polymer final coats leave no white residue on black parts. Also tried several high end boutique brands throughout the years (decades ) but never saw any advantage over the mainstream stuff. Car finish care products are like oil, everyone has their personal favorite.

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