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Originally Posted by dulmer View Post
So I finally got my new Continental stereo installed. By using the custom harness from Bergvill F/X, it couldn't have been easier:

1. Pull out old stereo
2. Disconnect harness from old unit
3. Remove old installation frame and install new one that comes with the stereo.
4. Connect Bergvill harness to factory harness
5. Plug Bergvill harness into Continental unit
6. Push Continental unit into frame until it locks
7. Snap on trim piece
8. Enjoy the look and sound!
I got the Bergville harness and everything connected, and the unit works very well, but I seem to be having trouble getting the bastard into the frame.

I've never had this much trouble with a head unit before, kind of baffled.
Wondering if maybe I lost a piece for fitment.

I took the metal collar off and slid the unit through the front, but the collar won't lock on the backside.
It's too big to fit into the hole in the frame with the metal collar on.

Any tips, or wtf did I miss?

FYI to anyone doing this, here is a link to the correct Bergville harness.
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