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No, at this point Im not rebuilding the motor. Keep in mind its only 4.5 lbs of boost and I dont abuse my car. I installed a ATI Procharger on an LT-1 with 10 lbs of intercooled boost without a problem. Everybody told me I was going to launch my motor that summer, it never happened. I did however burn my clutch in short order. Im prepared for this to happen to the box at some point. If the motor would need rebuilt I would do it myself. Remember Im a do it yourself advocate. I look at it like this... The shop wants 1000.00 to 1500.00 for install I could use that money for a million other things. To answer your other question. No, Im not going to race the car I just want some more low end grunt and I just love the sound of a blower.

I will take as many pics as you would like and document the install.

Im planning on taking a video of the car while it idles so you can hear how it sounds.
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