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Supercharger update

Its taken me a six weeks of phone calls to run down the missing injector and timing controller units. In the course of my calls I found out I was also missing the injector and fuel line as well. Yesterday I ordered the missing parts from TPC racing. Ended up costing me another 700 bucks. I will have an install manual and a complete kit. Wow, it was frustrating running down the parts. Its racing season so the owner of TPC was really busy. When I finally nailed him down he took care of me in one day! Nice guy as well, very helpful. He put up with my calls for weeks. The stuff should be here Tuesday. Im going to order a new belt just to be safe (even though it looks like new) and Im going to change the oil in the supercharger unit. Soon I will have pics and a detailed write up on the install if ther is any interest.
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