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It's wasn't an 'honest' competition.

The GT-R 'dropped out' when it took the lead to finish 5th.

The M3 'hung back' until 3rd out of 5 laps - and then couldn't catch it because the 350Z was out accelerating the M3 out of corners. Do you really think a 350Z can out accelerate an M3 - much less take it in the corners?

The 350Z was holding up the train of cars for 3 laps, including the S2000 - and then the S2000 was nowhere to be seen on the final laps. Where did it go?

The Boxster S couldn't even keep up with the S2000 - probably because the driver was shifting at about 5500 RPM. Have you noticed trouble keeping up with an S2000?

An HONEST comparo would probably show the M3 and GT-R in front, the S2000 and Boxster S trailing, and the 350Z somewhere in back.

This was all about marketing Japanese cars as world class and the 350Z as a serious contender. A nice bedtime story for the Japanese consumer.
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