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Are you sure you're talking about a "polish" here, and not a last step product, like a sealant or wax?

My newest favorite polish is Meguiars M205. Like any other proper "polish", you'd use it before applying a last step product, such as a sealant or wax. The reason I like it is it goes really well with M100 compound, which is my favorite compound, by far. Keeps the paint and pad nice and cool when applying, and I like how I can stop at any time without needing to worry about "breaking down" the abrasive. The M100 is also very aggressive, enough to get good results applying by hand even, while leaving behind a very high quality surface that sometimes doesn't even need a 2nd/polish step afterward.

If you're talking about last step products, I made the switch a few years ago from carbuna-style waxes to polymer sealants recently, and main thing I noticed and appreciated was removal was a bit easier. Might last a tad bit longer also, but hard to say. I've been using Menzerna power lock recently.

Recently, I've become more of a fan of "quick wax" style products, due to ease of application. They don't last that long, but super easy to boost the protection after a car wash. I've been using Duragloss Aquawax for that, but have a gallon of some sort of a bulk Meguiars quick quick wax product to refill that bottle with once it runs out. The Aquawax smells great, a bit reminiscient of sun block. Makes drying off the car really fast too, but I prefer to apply it after car is mostly dried, for best protection.

The key benefit to the quick wax style products is you can spray them all over plastic and rubber, and in crevices, etc without worry of leaving behind any noticeable residue.
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