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P Digits for 3D Printing and Decals

What a nasty day in Shanghai today, Monday/raining/cold/windy/humid/boring, ppl pulling long faces everywhere you have it all…. “The Darkness of the Darks” ladies and gent.

So… I’ve stayed home and did some catch-up on a few things. One of those thing was modeling the Porsche famous digits. Those same numbers on the tach of your Boxster. I did a font of those as this is what the main-job was all about. Good friend of mine asked for the 911 numbers so he can print decals and 3D print them out and stick them to his toolbox – among other places he would like to have them. It was so pleasant that I’ve just done them all (0~9). Just took me a solid 4hrs… enough to make you loveee bad weather lolll

There are two files for dwload below; one is the FONT, which can be installed on any Windows or MAC (Truetype) and the other file is for our 3D Printing friends around. It’s an IGES file having only the sketches (curves). Import this into your favorite [any]CAD, arrange like this: “718~101”, extrude them and go crazy with variable fillets and synchronous anything-you-want!

Letters are flatten on a bed so obviously an easy and fun 3D print. Perfect for dunno-what-to-do-rainy-day for sure

Typeface Font:!VQplnDhL!iWm2Cenuy3YTSD-8ZUZQV47I5CTbVry2GlIlCYb852Y
Sources [IGES]:!QMJDXaZS!EbmZYlxIfdFH4uNat4g2rFyJf2lGztsbBHrX8jh OHsg

Vid: Small demo of the curves' purpose. Just using a simple face fillet for the demo but mind you, it should really be a variable R2~R15mm - have fun

'97 Boxster base model 2.5L, Guards Red/Tan leather, with a new but old Alpine am/fm radio.
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