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Originally Posted by Topless View Post
From your symptoms, crank position sensor would have been my first guess. "Like turning off the key". At least it is an easy fix.

That is a pretty hefty rig to pull with your Q7. 8,000lbs all in? Time for a diesel dually?

Hoping your next track day goes smoother.

This weekend we are heading to WSIR where there will probably be 250 Porsche sharing 2 tracks. Forecast is 95F on Sunday. Eeesh!
Yup - I was thinking that or fuel pump initially.

The car and trailer combined weigh just under 5,800 loaded - as it's a 20 ft Featherlite aluminum trailer. The Q7 usually tows it no problem as it's rated 7k and have the 3.0 TDI in it with 450+ ftlbs of torque. We are now waiting to here on the status of the "fix" for it and if that doesn't happen by November - then they'll buy it back. At that point we'll probably wind up with a truck, although this is my wifes car and daily driver. She's not really thrilled about getting a truck....
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