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First time the Boxster has let me down at an event

Two day event. First day - everything was fine. Wife and I shared the car - no hiccups at all. Did have a couple times when it was cranking but didn't want to start but did.

Next day car fires up fine several times before the first session. First session of the second day - second lap - front straight - shift into fifth and the engine shuts off. Felt like I turned off the key. Wouldn't restart. Towed in.

Since it's on Motec - I'll have to dig into the ECU and see if I can see anything. Looks like the info from the dash says fuel pressure was good even when the engine died so I'm thinking it's ignition related.

First inclination is crank position sensor. We shall see.

Oh and then I head home early and well my trusty Q7 decides to die on the road home while towing. Looks like I had a boost leak. Pretty cool they could tow the car and the trailer. Not cool that I had this happen all in one day.......

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