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Originally Posted by Rail26
I'm just amazed at the size of the powerplants they are stuffing into this relatively small car. An S4 isn't much bigger than a boxster. I saw a picture of an RS4 with the hood open and it doesn't look like there is an inch to spare. I love the powerplant war between Audi and BMW...I predict a 600 hp RS4 in 2009!
I've come up behind an RS6 a few times and slowly moved past when I realized it's pushing around 400-500 hp. There's a distinct look to them. Something that says, "I may be a sedan, but don't even think about taking me on"....

Personally, I don't care for the looks of the new Audi TT and I think it looks too much like an A4. I haven't seen a new one in the wild so my opinion may change then.

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