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Continental TR7412UB-OR Stereo Installation and Review

So I finally got my new Continental stereo installed. By using the custom harness from Bergvill F/X, it couldn't have been easier:

1. Pull out old stereo
2. Disconnect harness from old unit
3. Remove old installation frame and install new one that comes with the stereo.
4. Connect Bergvill harness to factory harness
5. Plug Bergvill harness into Continental unit
6. Push Continental unit into frame until it locks
7. Snap on trim piece
8. Enjoy the look and sound!

So I just got it into the car today, but initial impressions are good. Far more bass than factory unit, and the tone just sounds fuller. Bluetooth pairs easily, and calls seem clear. On the negative side, the USB looks a little sloppy with the cover hanging open when you have a jump drive plugged into it, but overall I'm very happy so far. Attached are some photos and a link to a quick video (for what it's worth).

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