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Am I nuts? On my 2000 Boxster S, I don't have post cat sensors. I got the car with 14k miles, 14 years ago, and zero mods at that time. Is this correct that I shouldn't have the post cat sensors?

Also, I'm looking at this because I got a P0154 code. I know that is not the post cat sensors.

I note that Pelican sells the Porsche part and the OEM part. I've been working on my Porsches for a long time (Boxster, 911, 912 and 356). I have seen a noticeable difference between the "real" Porsche part and the OEM part - at times. Sometimes it definitely made a difference in the quality of the drive, sometimes it just made my wallet lighter. There is a big difference in price here. Could this be one of those times where there is such quality drive difference? I'm willing to pay extra when there is. That's why I got a Porsche in the first place - and why, for example, I don't get the cheaper tires.
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