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No competition at all....

....different machines for different purposes.

I'd love to ride your R75!!!

The R1100 is a future classic!

The Monster is just a little old cafe racer machine I put together, and the RC51 was bought on a lark.

I wanted to own a sport bike before I was too old, fat, and bald to ride one. During the "Great Recession" an engineer in Baltimore got laid off and put his Nicky Hayden Edition RC51 up for sale on the Ducati forum I use to troll. I got her cheap.

I attended Colin Edwards's "Texas Tornado" boot camp and he autographed the solo seat cowl for me. He beat Ducati on the RC51 in World Superbike while Hayden was winning USA Superbike on one. So my RC51 has BOTH of their signatures on her. I went nuts and put a full Ohlins suspension, Carbon fiber wheels, and other tasty bits on her. I just ride her on pretty Sunday mornings.

550 SE #310---"It's more fun to drive a slow car fast, than a fast car slow."
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