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Educate me: 5-point Harness & Steering wheel

I am starting to strip out and modify one of my cars for DE and possibly racing at a local track/club in the (distant) future. I just put in a Sparco R100 seat and I am considering a 5-point harness. The current track rules for racing state:

"Race cars must be equipped with a 3-inch wide, 5-point (minimum) harness in good condition as determined by the COMMA tech inspector. A single point quick-release harness disconnect device is required. "
What should I look for, what should I avoid? For the DEs, the stock seat belt is fine, but I prefer a 5-point.

The car currently has a stock 3-spoke steering wheel with a non-functioning airbag. I know nothing about racing steering wheels. Should I get one? What should I look for?
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