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Re-install CDR-210 radio

Happy to be back in the Boxster business after briefly owning a new 2001 986 and then a 1988 911. Recently acquired 1997 986 Guards Red, sorting out some minor issues.

One is replacing junky aftermarket radio with the original CDR-210, which old owner thankfully kept (along with code). Disconnecting the aftermarket, I'm left with 2 plugs, one blade and one yellow, that seem to fit right into the original radio (along with antenna). Plug them in and nothing happens.

There is a blank space in the original radio and I'm wondering if an original plug has been removed and something spliced in for the aftermarket. The blank looks like it needs another black plug--there are also some blank spots next to the yellow plug, but believe that is for CD changer option.

So question is: what plugs should I have to plug into the CDR-210? I can't seem to find an image.
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