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FS: 986 cluster, L/R wind stop and more

I have a bunch of stuff I am looking to clean out of the garage/basement. I have taken a bunch of pictures but am not able to upload at the moment and seeing interest, if any, in these parts.

2001 986 non-S Cluster $350 OBO (can program for you to match)

2001 986 instrument cluster cover pod dashboard in Savannah Beige $150 OBO

986 Hazard Button $25 OBO

986/996 Centre console cupholder (UK version) 300
can be used in NA cars but it is a little tight by the steering wheel

986 left and right "honey comb" screens and plexiglass wind stop $350 OBO
unit has a "comb" missing about the size of a pea. not noticeable unless up close.

986 mounting kit for aforementioned wind stop $30 (discount offered if bundled)

986 center console surround (non cupholder version) black $15

986 2001 base calipers both front and rear $500 (can sell front and rear separately as well) 125,220 miles

986 2001 base calipers both front and rear $50

Can put up pictures if needed but might take a couple days. Shipping will be added onto the price.

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