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Originally Posted by Fuzzuki View Post
IMS.....Yeah yeah. I searched.
Good. Not sure why you didn't find an answer. Is your situation different from the hundreds (thousands?) of other people that have posted in IMS threads?

I am looking at replacing the IMS.
I have done research and think that an original IMS may be the fit for me.
I drive aggressively and don't tend to keep rev's low.
I'm thinking the cheap and easy way to go it original IMS and get on with my day.
Cheap+Easy+Original IMS = Pelican Parts IMS kit
Although I'm liking the DOF replacement.
A couple options here and it's very much *not* what you just stated about going with the original. Raby/LN, Pedro, and EPS are some search terms that you can add with "oil feed" or "DOF" to get a better understanding of the differences -where the oil comes from, how it is applied. Maybe throw "JFP" in there for some independent 'shop-side' observations.

The car has almost 200,000 km and still seems fine.
Don't want an issue. I'm thinking about replacing this year.
Super, I think most will agree preemptive change is a good practice by that mileage.

What is the most reliable replacement on the market today?
IMS Solution. Period.
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