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I've been in discussions with a certified IMS Solution installer in the Seattle area. When I asked him whether to choose the L&N IMS Retrofit Pro or IMS Solution for my low mileage 2002 S, he said the IMS Solution for me was overkill. He said for the way I use my car (light driving, no racing, strictly "Sunday cruising" sort of stuff), the IMS Solution is a waste of money, and he recommended choosing the IMS Retrofit Pro.

When I asked him why he recommended the lesser fix, he said I'll likely never wear it out. It's warranted for six years or 75,000 miles, and it's unlikely I will ever reach that many miles, (although I could easily hit that many years of ownership.) He said he's installed more than 150 of the Retrofit kits, and has never had any of them fail.

Hope this helps a bit.

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