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Originally Posted by particlewave View Post
Holy crap, dude, You might try a direct upload or using a more common hosting site, like photobucket. That, or wait for a moderator response. No need to be so dramatic.
Hi Particale wave, thanks for your response (really!). A more common hosting site? Really? There is no more mainstream or common photo hosting site than pBase. Google it. It's been in existence since 1999. I've been using it to chronicle and share my wife's and my expatriation adventures since 2004. It is one of the premiere sites for photographers to post and share their work.

I'll try the direct upload as you recommend. I'm just trying to give something back to the 986 community rather than just take advantage of all the great information on this site. FYI, I'm at 20+ posts and I still do not have a response from my PMs to the moderators.
Rgds, Fred
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