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Originally Posted by Oldcarguy View Post
I agree. I tried to post an update on my Quickjack purchase with a link to a pic on my personal pBase account several hours ago, received the same message and it is still not posted. Never had this problem with my DR650 forum, my Jaquar forum, my BMW R1100s forum, my Ford Explo forum or my Audi forum.

So, I guess you guys have a closed clique that is not interested in my input. Good luck with that. Enjoy your group think mentality.

With my regrets, Fred
Originally Posted by Oldcarguy View Post
I just sent you a PM. I have the same problem. I'm not going to invest my time with this forum if you are going to shut me out for trying to post an on topic pic link to my personal pBase account. Not a very good welcome for a new member.
Originally Posted by Oldcarguy View Post
What a welcome to new members. I feel really welcome here (not). Good luck with your forum. I'll have to be content with taking away info without contributing due to your 'closed door' mentality. Everyone is the enemy until proven innocent, right?
Holy crap, dude

You might try a direct upload or using a more common hosting site, like photobucket. That, or wait for a moderator response. No need to be so dramatic.

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