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I'd get my first year or so driving experience is an older, safer, cheaper to repair car. I have two sons. I think the older one is still without an accident at 42. The younger one once said to me " you are really calm when I call you after an accident". I think my reply should have been "Its because you have given me so much practice".

Boxsters are wonderful cars. Owned two. But crash one and what might have been a minor expense in another car can be really really expensive. And statistics say young drivers are more liable to have an accident. You may not, great for you. But if you did ....$$$$$

Plus given the age of cars you might be buying, age and wear has made the chance of a mechanical repair more probable. I've put engines into cars of earlier vintages for $200 to $1,500. But price the Porsche engine and its transplant and you can be paying much more than the car is worth.

Don't lose the love of the Boxster. But wait till you can afford to keep it running the way it should to give you the max safety and enjoyment.
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