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Question Thinking about buying a Boxster

I'm 15, getting my liscense this Summer, and looking for a first car. I've been thinking about buying a Boxster, and I wanted to get some advice before going in too deep. I have a few questions that would help me out a lot if you more experienced folks wouldn't mind answering.
First, I've heard that the main problem attributed to Boxsters is IMS bearing failiure. How often does this happen and should I be largely concerned with it? I know there is a retrofit kit you can buy but 06-08 (I think) year Boxsters require the entire engine to be removed. My dad and I are relatively experienced with working on cars, so other minor mechanical things shouldn't be too much of an issue.
Second, what years are the best? I know Porsche fixed the IMS issue on 2009 forward cars, but those are a bit too expensive for what I've saved up.
Lastly, how much per year do you put into your cars? I've heard numbers all across the board for Boxsters. As I mentioned, I can do things like oil changes and the like on my own, so I'm more concerned with major mechanical issues that require me to take it down to the mechanic.
Any and all contributions are greatly appreciated!
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