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doubt you can do it if you want to keep ac - the hvac controller has a 'brain' that considers outside temperature, engine speed, cabin temp, and a bunch of other stuff when running the ac - note that the ac compressor has an electric clutch that gets turned on an off.

it gets easier if you don't want ac - ultimately you are just turning a fan on and off. there are race systems you can buy that let you delete the entire oem hvac system. if you are looking to lose weight but keep a stock appearance, note that in north america all cars came with ac except the gt3 - you can get a gt3 heater matrix and controller that is a lot lighter and uses dials instead of a computer. rare as hens teeth, however, BUT, note that ac wasn't standard in europe, so you can find the non-ac systems on euro ebay but don't get anything from uk as the matrix is reversed.
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