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Guys, here is how you debunk this, 23hp and 11ft lbs of torque is their claim. Horsepower is torque X rpm / 5250 so there you go, the math is way off. If you gain 11 ft lbs of torque the engine would have to be at 10,500 rpm to gain 22hp. I know that the torque comes in somewhere else in the rev range but say they claim the 23 hp is gained at 6200 rpm (where the Boxster s peak hp is listed) it would mean the torque would have to be up 19 ft lbs. So yes, bs is what this is. Back in the 90s I worked in a performance shop and we had a flowbench and a dyno and tested competitors products against ours. Back in those days on the Mustangs they had all these chips that claimed 30hp or the like, what they didn't tell you is that you gained 30 hp at some unusable rpm long after you shifted, the peak hp rose like 4hp.
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