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Help me!

Just found this forum and hope it helps me out. I've been thinking about a Boxster S for quite some time now and need a few honest reasons why I should buy one. It will have to used because my funds are limited to $30-$35k. I've owned many sports cars including 2 Lotus ('66 Elan and '91 Elan) and currently have a '93 Miata (don't laugh). I work for Garrett Turbochargers so adding a Turbo to the Miata and having 220 wheel hp and 500 lbs lighter than the Boxster S at a total investment of $15k is very attractive. However never having owned a Porsche and knowing the reputation is also very attractive. I'm not the kind of person who wants a Porsche to be cool, I just love to drive and want a car that will make me want to drive it every day. So give some reasons!

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