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Angry Tail Lights - Foggy/Condensation after Rain

I replaced my OEM 1999 Boxster tail lights with the DEPO after market LED set - basically a budget de-ambering.

ONE thing that continue to bug me is that I have fog or condensation on the inside of the clear lens - this only occurs after rain, and after I've been driving for a bit.

I did completely remove the lenses from the car and inspected for visible leaks. I also did water test in my sink, running water over the seams for a few minutes and then later completely submerging the lens in water. NOTHING leaked into the housing.

So I'm left with the possibility that water is getting into the rear trunk somehow. I inspected this morning after driving and sitting in fairly heavy rain, and there's no visible humidity in the trunk or wetness anywhere, short of some droplets of water along the gasket that seals the trunk to the lid. MAYBE it's getting in that way and turning into vapor in the rear trunk as it does get toasty in there.

I'm at a loss - anyone have experience with this and/or some suggestions?

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