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Originally Posted by Xcellr8 View Post
I have a 2.7 removed from a 2004 (03 & 04 are compatible) that was pulled due to a failed IMSB. The failure was catastrophic, meaning the bearing had come completely apart so lots of metal debris in oil. I can load it onto a pallet and strap it down. Also have a forklift to facilitate loading. If you don't need the heads, I'd like to remove them (hoping they can be saved after new valves), and the accessories. I don't know what the value of the remaining pars are. Please make a bid if you are interested.


All we need is the eng block.
You can keep everything if else if you want.
Can you check the block to let me know if it is OK?
Please advise

Thanks Bart.
2004 Boxster SE
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