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Tell us about your tool

In lots of posts people have mentioned a particular tool they used that worked really well, saved them time, or just made a DIY job go easier. My intent in starting this thread is to have a common reference for what tools work really well or in some cases which ones to avoid.
I hope that it does not get diluted like the torque wrench discussions, but is more to the point about what you have and why it is good or bad.

Here's my first entry:

The 10 mm triple square bit was a pefect size for the odd transmission bolt.
The selction of other bits is handy.
The ratcheting wrench that comes with it is great for tight places that don't need much torque and it is magnetic to keep the bit from falling into the unreachable.
I broke the ratchet end once (using it with way more torque than designed for) and brought it back for an easy Lifetime Replacement.

(The Stanley wrench holding the bit is not part of the kit, just was being used for applying a little more torque for the transmission bolt.)
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