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Assembly and weight

Well, success RE the wife going shopping I have fresh and imported Cheddar Cheese to put on my toasts tonight and the dogs have their weekly cow-bones to finally get busy with. Hmm sharing with you what a typical Saturday night looks like here in Shanghai (loll we're getting old).

Not so much success on the rendering of the parts however. Not sure what's happening but the rendering PC I use here is blowing its life out of the cooling fan each and every time I switch it ON. Fear the CPU will melt if I use it - Hopefully I'll be able to fix that later myself :/

In a meantime, I have those which I think is sufficient for now. Surely gives a good idea of where this is going. Another good news is the kit only weight 77grams. Ultra-Light if you ask me.

I think we've done an amazing job so far. More to come on the wheel hub adapter in a few days. Cheese Toasts first

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