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The biggest problem of the boxster is that it is built as a daily driver.

Unless you put a turbo kit. On a naturally aspirated engine you will just be constantly loosing drivability. What is the point of gaining 20 hp in the top end if driving around feels sluggish everywhere else. Unless there is major restriction(low flow rate exhaust or manifold, changing anything and remapping it will just push the torque curve higher and higher in the power band making the lower portions weaker and weaker. For a racecar or track car go for it everyone else I would suggest otherwise.

I did all of that many times over. Having a car being able to idle, use reasonable amounts of gaz and be reliable beats having the most powerful thing at that time. Turbo's make it easy where you can have an extra 50hp to pass someone, like a pesky GTI where they have a crazy amount of power compared to their cornering ability.
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