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Originally Posted by Smallblock454 View Post
I would start with simple measurements of the intake and exhaust system followed by some air flow calculations. Pretty easy to see where the restrictions especially for the 3.2 were made.

Regards, Markus
@Markus. Havin one of those bad day huh lolll

Easy yes but not that simple (apparently). It's well known that a small TB will restrict air intake however the 'infamous' larger TB idea may actually reduce velocities even more than the stock TB for a particular engine. I already have the formula to solve the TB-vs-Size air flow but without the combustion domain, ratio and valve m/sec specs, its nearly impossible to find where the imposed limitation(s) are - less helpful to find the optimum geometry for the air delivery.

Using CFD(nastran) of course and already asked onto another forum a few weeks ago. Unfortunately and as you know your country folks, as soon as you mention about their Porsche-performance-anything, they get offended and shut down on ya leaving you guessing. It's never cool but I respect that. No offense to you personally bud.

Without hijacking this thread's subject, if you have 'any' pertinent info or contact locally RE the M96 please PM
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