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GT3 center caps first!

Originally Posted by tommy583 View Post
Yes Fred we need intake improvements for the 2.5 for sure. Glad to see you are getting back into the swing of things
Ah, yes, the turbo-kit v2.50 We surely need that eventually having been let down completely during the last 20 years. However and for now, the GT3 Center Caps that every one is asking me for are far more important. Need to get this done... and besides, cool-lookin center caps offers far more horsepower (using the bling-dyno of course).

Funny you mention though, because you'll be pleased to hear I've actually did the prototype model already. Was playing with the idea a few weeks ago only. Regardless, we have the CFD ready for the crop of engineers here to see and contribute to the proof of concept. We'll be able to cancel stalls, adjust geometry based of optimized velocities in various air densities, temperatures and pressures.

Technically speaking; we'll be making the stock plenum in our Super 2.5 liter flat kick car comparable to the PVC pipe found in hardware stores today Stay tuned (exclusive to 2.5 only, sorry )

ps: Hey back to you Tommy! good to see you around again bud
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