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Originally Posted by Gelbster View Post
Neil makes the best Boxster videos by far !
There was an excellent Thread recently which gave the tech details of mods. The Thread title was similar to "why is the 3.4l M96 engine in the 996 so much more powerful than the 3.2l in the 986"
How can a 911 3.4 have so much more HP than a 3.2 Boxster S?
and this:
987 v 986 Air box
I can't wait for the video from Neil of removing the stock airbox and replacing it with a 987 -allegedly a 10 hour job of hacking ,smashing and bending up the Boxster.There is a better way if you use Search diligently.I have recently done it.But not for performance or CAI.I really,really needed easier access to the fuel pressure regulator and #4 injector.
I nominate Ben as the guy to make a kit for this project!
So kind Gelbster! Glad you like them!
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