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Originally Posted by thstone View Post
There isn't any more mythical unicorn tears or pixie dust in a Ferrari than a Porsche.

Most of the cost comparisons assume taking it to a high end shop where the labor is ridiculously expensive. For example, there are a lot of items that need to be inspected and that labor quickly drives up the price whereas you can do this yourself for free instead of paying a shop $200 per hour to LOOK at your car.

If you can DIY the work, the maintenance is actually quite affordable.

The amount of Porsche parts that are general Bosch fanfare that you can get wholesale for the same price to fix a BMW or Porsche is far greater than that of a Ferrari. Much more crap on a Ferrari is in house or from more unique suppliers and it runs prices up on Maintanace even if you do it yourself.

That being said though I'd rather a 981 spyder than a 100k 718. 3.8 flat 6 cannibalizes any reason to buy a 2.5 4.
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