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Originally Posted by bwdz View Post
Pelican has a pretty good guide on to what years DME will work and what not. I assume you are going to pick one up for like $2k that needs a motor and then source out a 3.4. Just make sure the 2.5 is still in there so you know all the little bits and pieces are there or they will nickel and dime you to death.
Exactly there is a 2.5 up on ebay UK at the moment for 2k with a broken from bumper and an apparent ignition problem.

Not to many reasonably priced 3.4 motors on there though.

I wished the 3.6 lump would go in as there is one up for 3k which would be perfect if only it worked. Shame really

And yes I did come across the pelican parts list and noted what motors would and would not fit, can't remember seeing much on the details as far as gearbox and headers are concerned but will have a proper look now.

Thanks for the replies so far guys 👍
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